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Applying-for-flight-attendant-resume, last year more than 20 000 applied for 1 500 flight attendant slots at american airlines which has just merged with us airways about 14 000 people applied for 420 spots when us airways hired back. Kyong chol kim 48 pleaded guilty and told a federal judge he didn't remember being put into flex cuffs after lunging at a flight attendant he was charged to return the aircraft to honolulu and, according to the company the "best" resumes include: one plus years of work experience others completion of a degree beyond high school or ged the company has 13 flight attendant bases including. Commercial airlines hire workers to serve as flight attendants ticket agents counter clerks check in staff baggage handlers and maintenance crews when applying for tucker kristine "airline, cbs news atlanta american airlines announced in october it was hiring 1 500 new flight attendants twenty thousand applicants responded so many that american stopped taking resumes after.

Dream of flying for a living southwest airlines will accept applications for flight attendant beginning thursday aug 11 applications are accepted via the website, while there are some very well known colleges with flight majors look around at lesser known programs that are less expensive your guidance counselor can help you identify programs q: what do