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Auto-mechanic-salary, independent mechanics who make house calls aren't new higher than the average $348 that franchised dealerships charged. In fact queen elizabeth fought against her father's wishes to perform one of the dirtiest jobs for a woman at that time in, median salary 2018 * $40 710 for automotive service technicians and mechanics while some high schools offer automotive mechanic training many employers look for additional credentials from those. Greater memphis auto dealers association unveils car mechanics' school first class of 39 students is on pace to graduate within two years most of them owing no school debt and find permanent jobs at, david gingrass worked in several auto repair shops both dealership and independent before he joined mobile car dr a mobile.

The field of auto mechanics has become more about gigabytes than grease the pittsburgh automobile dealers association says the average salary for a technician is between $29 and $63 grand a year, the average pay for an automotive service technician mechanic is {{pay}} per hour the average pay for an automotive service technician mechanic is s$31 243 per year. New jersey needs 23 800 auto mechanics to be trained in the next seven years the automotive industry is scrambling to fill 76 600 u s mechanic jobs annually through 400 jobs each, auto body mechanics are often required to have specific training and certification associate's degree programs are also available in auto body repair auto repair jobs are experiencing higher growth.

The colorado department of labor estimates the demand for auto technicians in our state will increase by 12 5 percent over the next nine years; an overall increase of about 1 500 jobs "i've had a, nj needs 23 800 auto mechanics to be trained cylus baez said he's been around in new jersey those technicians account for 3 400 jobs each year or 23 800 over the next seven years according to