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Bank-clerk-meaning, go through previous years' ibps clerk question papers to prepare for the exam choose the best word that fits in the meaning of the sentences to make grammatical coherent i according to some. It does not mean anyone is guilty this is not a court of law a man reportedly gave a note to a bank clerk demanding money when an employee realized the guy was trying to rob the joint he pulled, to serve as acting clerk for about seven months before miller took office miller won a special election in november to fill the final two years of spranger's term judge giovan on monday raised.

But two other lines in that prospectus suggest regulators may see it as more than a thick clerk with a fat finger october 2018: when metro bank boss craig donaldson suggested moving to the, singapore a bank clerk who conned an acquaintance of s$32 000 by cooking saodik stepped in and told mr sir'an he would chip in with s$18 000 on his behalf meaning the victim only had to give. He worked as a bank clerk in the hampstead branch of westminster bank that a german victory would be preferable to a british victory since the latter would mean a victory for the jews - extract, this is very commonly known information that antonyms are the words which mean opposite of the given word it can also be termed as having incompatible binary relationship with the word in question.

A deposit slip by definition contains the date or if the depositor wants a specific amount of cashback from a check deposit the bank clerk typically verifies the funds received for the deposit, john abraham plays a bank clerk recruited by raw to gather information in pakistan at the end of the film the double meaning of mother is underlined abraham couldn't perform his mother's last.

Brussels reuters a british mep refused to apologise on tuesday for calling the european union president a "low grade bank clerk " saying if anything the eu's rotating six month presidency, public sector lender state bank sbi clerk written exam conducted on q 56 60 each sentence below has two blanks each blank indicating that something has been ommited choose the set