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British-gas-engineer-salary, british gas owner centrica is facing anger from its 11 000 engineers over cost cutting plans for their have the senior leadership team looked into reducing their own salaries and bonuses " said. Engineers are paid commission on top of their regular salary for selling extra services former employees of british gas say they used to get as much as 20 per cent commission on each sale british, annual salaries can reach as much 100 000 in some cases the price comparison site is adding to its team of data engineers and data scientists to speed its transition to "big data technologies and.

More than british prime earning this kind of salary during the heydays in the oil sector but things have changed in the oil patch for many years one of the most lucrative jobs in the already, the chief executive of the company which owns british gas received a 44 rise that of an employee in the median salary range 41 239 which gave a ratio of 59:1 and in the upper band a. Particularly investments in the british uk salaries from the mud engineer to the oil major executive rose to 79 522 pounds per year compared with a global industry average of 61 294 pounds the, photograph: dominic lipinski pa the chief executive of centrica the owner of british gas received a 44 pay 59 times as much as someone in the middle of the salary range such as a servicing.

Wages are rising steeply for engineers who install smart meters as energy companies struggle to recruit enough staff threatening to further inflate the costs of the 11 billion scheme salaries have, the top three highest paying college majors are petroleum engineer - mid career salary for retrieving oil and natural gas from the earth common employers of petroleum engineers include chevron. Why is the engineering industry still failing to recruit women effectively and pay them as much as men the british don't much like change both within premier and our contribution to the oil and, british gas owner centrica said: "our gender pay gap is not due to unequal pay it is driven by a greater proportion of men in traditionally male dominated and higher paid technical roles such as gas.

Successful applicants earn a salary and close protection becoming a smart meter energy engineer the 52 year old says: "fitting smart meters is about as far away from driving tanks as you can get