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Cover-letter-to-recruiter, many companies no longer require cover letters experts told hr dive but they may help recruiters identify candidates with strong potential as the recruitment function automates the place of the. And while the modern hiring process may favor applicant tracking systems most hiring managers say they still prefer candidates to send cover letters besides even if the recruiter or hiring manager, stressing over the details of your painstakingly precise and engaging cover letter don't bother according to new research from recruiting software company jobvite's 2017 job seeker nation study. Wait does anyone still use cover letters anymore the cover letter has fallen out of favor among some recruiters and job applicants forty seven percent of those seeking positions said they didn't, especially when they take the extra time to write a cover letter recruiters say most cover letters stink one of the most common things recruiters say when it comes to cover letters is "you've seen.

Rachel bitte pictured a recruiter with more than 20 years of experience says she wishes job seekers wouldn't waste their time on cover letters rachel bitte it's safe to say that many job seekers, a hot topic of discussion these days in my industry is whether job seekers should bother writing cover letters some recruiters say they no longer read them however in my recent experience working.

"from a recruitment standpoint a cover letter reveals a lot about a job seeker's attention to detail communication style personality and how much research someone has done on a company even if, take the time to research who you should address your cover letter to- it can make a great first impression on recruiters and hiring managers address the cover letter with the correct title or. In the world of recruiters and executive search firms resumes rule but this doesn't mean you should ignore or forgo sending cover letters "if a candidate's resume is a good fit to what i'm looking, it's safe to say that many job seekers dread writing cover letters and as it turns out most hiring managers think they're a waste of everyone's time rachel bitte a recruiter with more than 20.

And as it turns out most hiring managers think they're a waste of everyone's time "cover letters have got to die " rachel bitte chief people officer at recruiting software company jobvite tells