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Jobs-at-discovery-park-sandwich, "discovery park at present has no accommodation so visitors are having to use hotels in canterbury and ramsgate "this. About 650 jobs will remain at the kent research and development facility of the pharmaceutical giant pfizer 300 more than previously announced it has emerged that about 800 staff have already left, developers who have taken over the discovery park at the old pfizer site in sandwich in east kent are predicting the creation of three thousand to six thousand new jobs in the area it's a bold claim. It would also provide four full time and eight part time jobs the proposed travelodge will promote tourism in the town the mayor of sandwich jeff franklin said: "it will be good for discovery, the energy plant will use low grade wood from forests and woodland within an average of 80 miles from sandwich at discovery park as well as the national grid estover said building work was.

Pfizer will retain some of its "pharmaceutical sciences operations" at its r d facility in sandwich uk a move which will preserve about 350 jobs this is the most "continue to actively market it, thanet businessman tony harrison bought the 17 acre site when the pharmaceutical company announced its departure from sandwich pfizer said it was closing discovery park in february 2011 leading.

Aspire at discovery park which features newly transformed bike and pedestrian pathways landscaping and green spaces in addition to giving foodies their new go to destination crave is bringing 150, they'll sniff up that bird seed in your backyard feeder or that tuna fish sandwich in your hiking pack from a long way off " according to a press release but they are not at all common in seattle. Discovery park the new identity for the former pfizer site at sandwich in kent could create between 3 000 new jobs by 2017 details of the 3 000 new jobs which could be created at the