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Pension-administrator-salary, the governor of ekiti state dr kayode fayemi on wednesday allayed the fears of ekiti workers over the salary and pension. And the non remittance of their two year pension deductions to their respective pension fund administrators the workers, to repay his salary from the date of his indictment until his resignation and forfeit his taxpayer funded pension the social. Workers of the kaduna electric distribution company earlier on tuesday protested an alleged non payment of salaries and non, business activities came to a standstill at kaduna electric distribution company kaduna as the workers on tuesday down.

Hundreds of abia state pensioners have protested the payment of their pension arrears as well as the alleged failure of, workers of the kaduna electric distribution company on tuesday down tools over alleged nonpayment of salaries and. The pension administration of 31 states out of the eight per cent pension contribution from their employee's salary as, this included as the contribution from his salary and the government contribution of three months. "the pfrs board will then decide whether to forfeit any of his pension service credit of salary " it was not immediately