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Plumstead-south-east-london, a teenage boy has been stabbed near his school in south east london the secondary school in plumstead was placed on lockdown after the boy was knifed nearby on thursday afternoon the victim. This is the first picture of the teenager shot dead during 24 hours of bloodshed in lawless london eniola aluk 19 was gunned down and killed in plumstead south east london 12 minutes after, six males were later arrested and taken to separate west london police stations for questioning within minutes later armed police were called to reports of a shooting in plumstead in the south east.

A major turn around of a once struggling college in plumstead is nearly complete after a 10m city hall handout to improve facilities for 15 years greenwich community college was on a "downward, london south east colleges' have officially opened their new greenwich little theatre at their campus in plumstead over 80 guests were invited including greenwich's deputy mayor cllr mick hayes who. I've been attacked spat at and abused " he said "this behaviour against the roma has become part of our society ", this is the first picture of a 19 year old man who died after being shot in plumstead eniola aluko from thamesmead died on friday after sustaining gunshot wounds to the neck and chest police said.

Just 12 minutes after cheyon was attacked eniola aluko 19 was shot to death in plumstead south east london scotland yard arrested five people in connection with the shooting including four men, south london police were called minutes later at 16:54 to plumstead south east london where a 19 year old man was shot dead a man in his 30s then died after he was stabbed in tower hamlets on. What's going for it the latest in our occasional series ordinary in a good way bits of london that are still slightly even vaguely affordable plumstead defies the normal london rules by which