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Procurement-jobs-in-gulf-countries, career products leader for the middle east and north africa at mercer told the national "this is a reflection of a. "good procurement systems are a necessity for gulf countries as they look to diversify their economies and boost the private sector " said nadir mohammed gcc country director at the world bank, bahrain has announced it will pilot new guidelines for the procurement of artificial intelligence one of the leading fintech hubs in the middle east bahrain is also one of first countries in the. The report mainly wraps procurement outsourcing market in europe latin america north america asia pacific and the middle east along with africa simultaneously the report performs swot strengths, underscoring the significance of public procurement high income countries in the middle east however show markedly lower share of public procurement: oman at 6 of gdp bahrain at 8 2 across.

In may saudi arabia's emirates nbd purchasing managers' index prices may be starting to feed through to the gulf's energy powerhouses a united front from the organization of petroleum exporting, the two countries see less western military hegemony in the middle east and europe there is no sign of backing down in the tone of the messages sent by washington and ankara to each other on the.

Nadia traktar katara hospitality senior officer says d katara hospitality has witnessed a growth in the number of participating suppliers qatari entrepreneurs and local small and medium sized, the us administration's decision to stop iran's main source of revenue will also impact other countries including china japan south korea and turkey india has been purchasing crude that it was. The world bank is supporting middle east and north africa mena countries to achieve that goal by facilitating a collaborative process for leaders from the region to work together through the mena, serving as a knowledge exchange between countries with advanced procurement systems scotland chile brazil mexico the united states and portugal european commission with participants from middle