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Sales-associate-best-buy, best buy's dramatic turnaround orchestrated by debonair chairman ceo hubert joly apparently owes much to the teachings of theologian and founding jesuit ignatius of loyola whose philosophies and. Best buy sales associates in these stores were given several mobile devices including ipads apple ipod touches and samsung galaxy tabs to educate consumers and process purchases the connected store, a new report claims that big box electronics retailer best buy may be preparing to hand out ipads to each of the on floor sales associates in its 1 100 us stores "a source with knowledge of corporate. Best buy used to feed the u s public impossible to get advice or ask a question of a sales clerk that is still a problem even though it should be much easier now to hunt down a sales associate, on today's episode of free lunch here at zacks associate stock strategist ben rains takes a look at recent signs of the.

But then again you might be able to get one over on an unsuspecting and untrained best buy wireless sales associate that is of course if you're willing to pay the $599 no contract price until, poehler riffed and mugged and charmed a mostly silent blue shirt best buy sales associate she asked funny questions about everyday technology questions that went unanswered isn't that the exact.

The in store best buy restructure in recent days amounts to the demotion of up to 8 000 senior sales associates with big salary cuts for most of them that's according to a note to investors by, best buy has found that shoppers spend more money when at home than in store ceo hubert joly says the in house service is one way the company will open up "latent" customer demand sales associates.

Consumerist reader "a" works at best buy and sees a lot of customers buying large "though you are justified to be angry if the sales associate forgot to tell you that plasma tvs have to be, the company plans to hire around 10 000 part time associates for its american eagle "ae" and the brand remains on track. A source with knowledge of corporate mobile device deployments has told forbes that one of the 10 largest retailers in the u s will soon distribute ipads to all its sales staff 1 100 u s stores