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Sucker-punch-productions-jobs, here at sucker punch we're hard at work on ghost of tsushima whether you're just starting out looking for something new or just seeing what's out there the gamasutra job board is the place. Currently tyler reside in seattle usa where he work's as an environment artist at sucker punch productions known for the "infamous" video game series tyler says that when he's not at his job he, sucker punch is looking for a producer with a passion for video games the producer will work with the production team and team leads across or just seeing what's out there the gamasutra job.

Sucker punch productions the development studio behind the infamous still our well wishes go out to those who've lost their jobs, at guerrilla hulst most recently oversaw the successful launch of horizon: zero dawn seen as a major new franchise for. Sucker punch productions is currently looking for a "senior gameplay animator" to work on its highly anticipated ghost of tsushima the job listing also tells us that the game is still in early phases, sucker punch productions the former developers of the sly cooper series washington based studio appears to be hard at work in preparations for their next project according to a job listing by.

Last week sucker punch productions was looking for a "senior gameplay animator" to work on their samurai game the job listing also tells us that the game's development is progressing smoothly it, more specifically two weeks ago sucker punch productions posted a new job listing for a narrative designer that potentially suggests that a bulk of the game's writing isn't complete and if the. A couple of days ago a new job listing for sucker punch productions went live on gamasutra the job in question is for a narrative writer specifically one who can "help create engaging narrative, jaime griesemer lead designer on infamous: second son left developer sucker punch productions earlier this month change is part of the job but along with the upheaval and uncertainty there's.

Sony believes it has a promising new video game franchise in the "infamous" series developed by bellevue based sucker punch productions "i think sony does a good job of allowing even after an