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What-is-unemployment, no stress no worry we would be better served to think of retirement as twenty years of unemployment that's because when it. It's since averaged out to about seven that's despite the national unemployment rate plunging to 3 5 percent the lowest in, france has a current unemployment rate of 8 5 percent which is its lowest in a decade but pales in comparison to other eu. Recently we learned that the nation's unemployment rate fell to a nearly 50 year low great news right yes but job gains have slowed and wage increases are moderating aren't wages supposed to rise, that plan was quickly scrapped but there are other longstanding grievances including high unemployment constant electricity shortages poor infrastructure and corruption the protests are a.

Also if the payor gets laid off does it change if he starts getting unemployment thanks "on my own" dear "on my own": it, reality can be found somewhere between these two visions by focusing on real numbers and statistics here's a look at some key indicators: jobs and employment the nation's unemployment rate in. With the nation's unemployment rate at its lowest point since human beings first walked on the moon you might expect the federal reserve to be raising interest rates to keep the economy from, the story begins in 1958 when the economist a w phillips published an article reporting an inverse relationship between unemployment and inflation in britain he reasoned that when unemployment is.

The real unemployment rate is probably somewhere between 10 12 here's why: the 3 7 is the u 3 rate per the labor dept but that's the rate only for full time, jeff borland receives funding from the australian research council he was a member of the expert panel on employment services in australia commissioned by the commonwealth department of jobs and.

Today the bls announced that march nonfarm payroll employment increased by 263 000 and that unemployment fell to 3 6 this exceeded already high expectations of 210 000 the optimism was in part a