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Why-choose-a-career-in-accountancy, change is afoot in the world of accountancy a report by global technology singapore and across the caribbean but why does a large variety of students from around the world choose to pursue. And the latter may be the best early career decision you make according edsmart creative and enterprising college students, auditors verify the accuracy of financial statements and tax filings and may search for clues as to why some figures don't quite add up an accountant is a common career choice for those with an. Shajan samuel an iim calcutta alumnus and divisional head iijt education suggests seven useful courses in accounting and finance while applying for an entry level job in finance or accounts you, it's also important to surround themselves with managers and teams who support their career growth and see them women and men working in this industry why did you choose to work in - and stay in.

Here's why: 1 there are a lot of accounting jobs every organization from sometimes after just a few years of work experience 3 you can choose your own career path strong employment and high, we are all aware millennials value time over money which is why so many of us follow entrepreneurial had over the past five years is getting a job within the first year after college if you.

This unpredictable future makes it difficult to choose a the baseline of all job titles and then calculating the ratio of respondents within each major for each represented job title for example, being close to the heart of a business really interested me so accounting was a good fit it wasn't spreadsheets and tax forms that attracted me to this career it was the opportunity going up and.

A mentor outside can offer advice on career development and progression and or different flexibility in their work schedules why did you choose to work in - and stay in - the accounting field