For US House of Representatives, Texas 26th District


The United States isn't practicing capitalism.

The United States was founded on a basis of freedom. This means economic freedom, as well as personal freedom. This includes the freedom to associate and conduct trade with anyone we wish, free of excessive taxation and intrusive regulation.

Some say that capitalism has failed us. But the United States hasn't practiced true free-market capitalism in the past 100 years. What we have now is a system where big business colludes with government to pass regulation. This regulation in turn keeps smaller, more agile competitors out of the way of the big businesses. In this way, government is in bed with big businesses. I call this Corporatism. Some people call it Crony-Capitalism. Some call those that do this Lobbyists. Whatever you call it, it is not true  Capitalism. Corporatism is absolutely NOT Capitalism.

Michael Moore would have you believe otherwise, but he and others like him are mistaken. In a true, Laissez-faire free market capitalism based society, individuals are free to trade with anyone whom they choose. This places responsibility of the value of the trade on the traders themselves. But the end result is that both parties of the trade are better off. After all, if they were not better off, then they wouldn't make the trade in the first place.

With true Capitalism, obscene profits do not occur because if there are high profits in a given industry, and no excessive regulations and barriers to entry imposed by government, then there will always be someone who can compete. Thus no corporation becomes too big. And no one makes obscene amounts of profit. This also eliminates the too big to fail concept for which we wererequired to bail them out to the tune of billions and billions of our taxpayer money.

I will work to end all laws that favor certain corporations over others. I will end all bailouts, as well as regulations that only provide barriers to entry to smaller upstarts. It is those upstarts that will fuel the economy to greatness and provide jobs and prosperity for us all.This doesn't mean I am advocating a free-for-all. Government will still be there to provide the protections of individual rights. Government will then be free from spending resources regulating arbitrary rules and thus be free to investigate and prosecute fraud and crime. It will also be free to enforce civil contracts. This is something that is lacking now, and I will support any law that encourages the prosecution of existing fraud statutes. When we actually protect the rights of the individual and encourage free, open, unrestricted and honest trade with preferences to no one, we will have the most prosperous country on earth once again.

Please vote Mark Boler for United States Congress, 26th District of Texas on Tuesday November 8, 2016.