For US House of Representatives, Texas 26th District


I believe that the United States Constitution, along with its amendments and the Declaration of Independence, is the law that restricts the government. It ensures that the rights of the individual are not infringed.

These days far too many laws are passed that do not have constitutional authority, or are simply and blatantly unconstitutional. I would never argue for, co-sponsor, or support any bill that is in any part contrary to the United States Constitution. If it doesn't pass that test first, it's dead on arrival. It needs to be changed until it is not constitutional first.

I support the 10th amendment, and I do not believe that other parts of the constitution have rendered it obsolete. I support the efforts to provide clarification of the Commerce Clause as well as the General Welfare clause.

I support any law or amendment that would require that any new law passed by congress must also cite the constitutional authority by which it is granted the ability to pass said law.

The Constitution is a plainly worded document and is the highest law in the land. I believe we need to give it proper reverence. It is NOT as some people suggest, a quaint and outdated relic that should be ignored. Our society may be more populous than it was when the Constitution was created, but the only thing that makes our society more complicated is the multitude of laws that government makes.

I also support the repeal of the 16th and the 17th amendments to the US Constitution. The IRS should be abolished. The federal government should only be allowed to gather revenues only directly from the states.

The 17th amendment should be repealed in order to give more power to the states. Having the states themselves represented in the Senate is the way our bicameral system of representation was meant to work. These days the only power the states have is through the court system, or by simply refusing to obey via Interposition and Nullification.

Please vote Mark Boler for United States Congress, 26th District of Texas on Tuesday November 8, 2016.