For US House of Representatives, Texas 26th District

Home Schooling

There is a move in the Department of Education to begin regulating homeschooling.

The federal government's meddling in the education system has already caused billions of wasted tax dollars and test scores and scholastic performance has dropped, not gotten better. So why would they now think they know what is best for home-schoolers?

At the same time, homeschooled children continue to excel in test scores and college admission rates. I will fight any attempt to regulate homeschoolers. Parents know best what is right for their own children, not some bureaucrat in Washington DC.

I would also work to lower taxes for those who wish to homeschool their children. Currently, homeschooling parents pay taxes to support their public schools with no help from those taxes to educate their children. I support H.R. 1056; the Family Education Freedom Act, which allows parents a tax credit of up to $5,000 per student per year for the cost of attendance at an elementary and/or secondary school, a private, parochial, religious school or their own home school.

I will support any law that gives parity for home school diplomas and advancing equal scholarship consideration for students entering college from a home school environment.

I will oppose any legislation that creates national standards or national testing for home school parents or students. I also agree that as long as the No Child Left Behind law is in effect, it must include the protections for home schoolers included in sec. 9506; enshrining home schoolers' rights, and guaranteeing no national curriculum.

Please vote Mark Boler for United States Congress, 26th District of Texas on Tuesday November 8, 2016.