For US House of Representatives, Texas 26th District


The United States is a land of opportunity. I want to keep it that way.

If a potential immigrant has an idea that just might turn out to be the next cure for AIDS, and he wants to move here, work, support himself and his family while he obtains funding for this idea, then I want him to have a path for legal immigration. If another potential immigrant wants to come here and work to provide food and shelter for himself and his family, and not be a burden on the system, then I want him to be able to come here too.  However, if another person wants to come here to live off of the system and enjoy the free social programs we have, then I don't want that person to come here. And of course, if another person wants to come here to do harm to the people that live here, I also don't want them here.

If we, as a country did not provide so many free things to everyone, then we would not have a problem with immigration.

My long term solution would be to stop giving so many freebies away. I would phase out welfare, free health care, and replace them with non-profit based systems.

Please vote Mark Boler for United States Congress, 26th District of Texas on Tuesday November 8, 2016.